The Inadequate Guide to Warsaw by a Heterosexual Non-brown Sort of Arty-farty Male Foreigner with Indistinct Political Leaning

Who is this Guide for?


The big one: accommodation. It is shit.

A Curmudgeonly Guide to Leipzig

Fresh off getting scammed yet again by landlords in Aalborg (seriously, that city has an accommodation problem), I found myself in a simmering Leipzig summer. Thankfully, the city was lush and blooming with parks and gardens and the heat dissipated after a few days in favour of a week of rain. Others might like summer warmth. I prefer winter. You can pile on layers for winter but there's only so much you can strip off in the summer swelter. But hey, whatever floats your boat, man.

Taxes and Fees Can Kill Research

Alex Berger has a nice post here detailing the absurdity of the Danish postal service where fees and taxes chalked up to 130% the cost of the actual object. And, "Denmark charges taxes on fees and taxes". This is particularly important because, while my experience is limited to Austria and Aalborg at the moment, Europe may not have a good electronics ecosystem.

Accommodation in Krems, Austria

The MARIHE group was warned about renting from Stefan Kobli. Our group wasn't. Naturally, we had some bad experiences with him. These include: