Bank Austria vs. Erste Bank

Bank Austria said they'd give us a good rate as students. They charged us these fees at the end of the 2015:

EU Visa Code: Students Don't Need to Pay for Visas. But...

The EU visa code Article 16 says students do not need to pay for visas in the EU. The important bits:

On Collective Bargaining

UPDATE 21 Aug 2016: The Erasmus Mundus contract for this programme is incredibly disempowering. If you get into any sort of trial with the university, you are dropped from your scholarship and programme. You might think this is not important. But, consider this: at least one of the universities trusts plagiarism-checking software so much that they expelled one of my cohort without double-checking the paper with their own brains. There was no possibility of appeal within the university, the student unions are weak and powerless, and there is no other avenue for help. I will try to write more about this and related matters in future. It is complicated.

How to Travel Cheap on Land in Europe

Use blablacar.

Housing Scams in Aalborg, Denmark

UPDATE 29 July 2016: Roommate in Aalborg is the best Facebook group for accommodation, but scammers do exist on it, as they do on the others: