Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana


I arrived in Zagreb on 31 Dec 2017. Josip had messaged me much earlier on Couchsurfing while I was still in Vienna, but could only show me his place at the end of the week. So I spent the first week house-hunting, some days in the frigid rain, drenched to the bone. Picked his in the end anyway since it was the best for two people. Krzysztof would join me soon.

Building a full ecommerce site part 9: editing the checkout process

Django-Oscar has a pretty long checkout flow. Customers don't like that, and I don't need most of it anyway. So, I decided to contract it as much as possible.

Building a full ecommerce site part 8: multilanguage support

10 June 2018, note: modeltranslation does not work on ipad! Oh no!

Building a full ecommerce site part 7: guest checkout

This one's going to be short. Want to let customers purchase stuff without signing up for a user account? Allow guest checkout by putting OSCAR_ALLOW_ANON_CHECKOUT = True into! Done.