The big one: accommodation. It is shit.

Now that we have it out of the way, the rest:

Dumpster Diving

By far the biggest money-saver you'll have. And you probably should do this just in case you get scammed by your landlords. Then you won't feel so badly hurt.

Here is a map of dumpsters you can dive. Not all of them are open. Some supermarkets lock their dumpsters. Some have poor pickings. Others are mother lodes. You'll have to explore.

I've heard people say that diving is illegal. I've also heard that it's legal. I don't know. Just be careful. We tended to go after the staff had gone home. But a lot of people don't care and do it in broad daylight. The most bountiful time is most likely just after the supermarkets close.

Dumpster diving is a great way to see first hand how much of a heinous sin supermarkets conduct every single day. One time we found five or more trash bags full of fresh strawberries. We've found yoghurt, milk, red meat, white meat, fruits, vegetables, rice, premium quality sausages, and a ton of other things. For us who come from Asia and Africa, it's a savage beating to the heart.

It's also a good way to meet new friends.

Furniture, Bicycles, Stuff

Free stuff on Aalborg Free Stuff.

Cheap stuff at Aalborg Marked.

Bicycles at Aalborg Bike.

All kinds of stuff at DBA.

You can sell your stuff on these platforms too.


Rema1000 is the cheapest supermarket. I honestly don't know what else is good because I dived for the most part.

I hear tell of an amazing Afghani place at the corner where Danmarksgade meets Frederikstorv. Go early in the morning and you get the freshest vegetables for the best prices.


Too Good to Go is an app where you can find out which restaurants are selling things super cheap at the end of the day. You'll need a credit card for this, though. It's great. We had so much sushi. It's not excellent sushi, but it's not like this is Japan. What are you complaining for? You've got sushi, in flippin' Aalborg. Shut your gob and eat.

1000Fryd has a public kitchen on Tuesdays, which means you can cook with them if you like, but I've heard that they are more regimental than other public kitchens. Anyway, you pay 25 DKK for a delicious vegan meal. It's usually quite substantial.

Fishing. You can fish! Are you surprised? We were, but not over the fishing bit. We were surprised how strangely absent fresh fish was for a city on the fjord. But some of us sat around drinking and fishing and caught around fourteen fish one sweet evensong and felt like the lords of all creation. Yeah, even the evening sun channelled the film. Because you're trapped here, in this dystopian Shawshank, you sad little bastards.


Use the Rejseplanen site to plan your bus trips.

All trips by bus are 22 DKK. Or, you can purchase a card called the Rejsekort. It is supposed to give you discounts and get cheaper over time. However, we've been told that it doesn't do that within one year. Unless you're staying in Denmark for over a year, it's probably not worth it. Also, if you forget to tap the card when you get out of the bus more than three times, they ban you from using the card for a year. Too punitive. People do forget, you know, Denmark?

One good thing about the Rejsekort at the time of this writing is, if you have a friend with you, both of you need only pay 11 DKK each. Basically two for the price of one.

I don't know who figured this out but at the time of this writing, this trick still works: you can use the Rejsekort to take the train all the way from Aalborg to Copenhagen for 50 DKK. Tap in at Aalborg, and conveniently forget to tap out at Copenhagen. Wait about 8 hours from the time you checked in at Aalborg, and you will be charged a 50 DKK penalty, which is far cheaper than the full cost of the ride! You're advised not to do this too many times.

You can also get a monthly pass. I think that's cheaper but I forget the price. It doesn't come with any bells and whistles though.

Or, if you live around the centre (let's say Danmarksgade), and you really shouldn't live too far away unless you're a hermit, just walk. Aalborg is small. You can walk to most places within 15-30 minutes.

It's advisable to get a bicycle, though, because it'll make dumpster diving with friends an absolute pleasure.


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