Absurdism in code

I tweeted about characters from absurdist literature working on code a few days ago and found that there was a natural link between them. I should really write a book called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Teach Golang" or something, if I have any spare time in future.

Computers are the new Godot

VS Code: We only allow SSH to remote host.

(30 minutes pass. Vladimir clips his toenails. Estragon is lying face-down on the floor. Rosencrantz is chatting up a lady in the audience. Guildenstern sobs in a corner.)

VS Code: SSH doesn't work, please enter password.


VS Code: Setting up SSH host: (Details). Initialising...

(20 minutes pass, Vladimir stares blankly at the line.)

Estragon: click "Details".

V: What for?

E: We'll know something.

V: It won't work!

E: We aren't working now!

V: Fine. (Clicks "Details". Nothing happens.) You've killed us.


(Vladimir starts coding on remote server.)

Server: fatal error: runtime: out of memory.

(V googles it. Too complex. Tries to run Golang in Docker instead.)

Server: gcc: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1) Please submit a full bug report...

Estragon: Make a swap file?

(V cries.)


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