Accommodation in Krems, Austria

The MARIHE group was warned about renting from Stefan Kobli. Our group wasn't. Naturally, we had some bad experiences with him. These include:

The pictures he sent us of the rooms did not represent the right rooms or furniture.

He did not tell us when a new person moved in, so we found a strange man in the house in the middle of the night and we freaked out and almost called the police.

He barged into one of our rooms demanding rent. He did not knock. He unlocked the door. He barged in. At 1am in the night.

The internet connection is insufferable and it takes too much to get him to fix it.

There is no proper ventilation in the kitchens, which becomes something of an issue in winter.

Some of us rented from Kolpinghaus instead. We had this initial problem with them: the internet connection was also interminable.

We talked to them about it, they didn't fix it. We mailed them about it, they didn't fix it. Then we organised ourselves and mailed them as a group to demand a fix, and threatened to tell future batches about this shoddy treatment. They replied with a passive-aggressive letter saying they would check out our internet activity to see if there had been any abuse, which was rubbish since they were supposed to have capped the download speed at 1mb/s per person anyway (which is ridiculous and unacceptable in the 21st century but let's not broach that now).

And they failed to fix it again. We wrote again, as well as complained to them face-to-face. This time, our emails were CC'ed not only to those who lived there but also to our university coordinators. Since they recommended Kolpinghaus to visiting lecturers and other guests they should know about this.

After about two months of this struggle, and noticeable passive-aggression and rudeness on the part of the staff, they finally fixed it and the connection became quite good for the most part.

Other than this problem, and the fact that the lights in the common areas turned off by themselves after a few minutes-- in the common areas where people meet?!-- we quite enjoyed the place. It was clean, the rooms were decent, and the building was so well built some of us barely had to turn on the radiators at all close to wintertime.

I would recommend Kolpinghaus.

The only problem that remains seems to be the six-months contract. We've fought the good fight for you over the Kolpinghaus internet connection so, you guys break this one, ok?


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