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Homo erectus archaeological site in Dmanisi, Georgia, 9 August 2019


  • 5 lari by marshrutka (mini-bus/taxicab) from Samgori, Tbilisi. We got off the Samgori metro stop and asked around and people directed us to the bus station.
  • 2 hours from Tbilisi to Dmanisi.
  • 15-20 lari from Dmanisi to the archaeological site by taxi. It's 25km away.
  • Archaeological site closes at 5.30pm.
  • It might look closed when you arrive but go in anyway and talk to the police officers. They let us roam freely.
  • Last bus from Dmanisi back to Tbilisi is at 5pm. It's usually packed so maybe take the second-last bus just in case.
  • Best to go with a local because goodness knows how I'd have found the place without my local friend.

How to add Bootstrap to Gatsby

I tried adding Bootstrap 4 to my Gatsby 2.13.50 (CLI: 2.7.14) project today. Based on beginner tutorials I created a layout.js as the base template. It looks like this:

Absurdism in code

I tweeted about characters from absurdist literature working on code a few days ago and found that there was a natural link between them. I should really write a book called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Teach Golang" or something, if I have any spare time in future.

The wolf who opened an onsen

Once upon a time a wolf scrolling through the bowels of the internet noticed that a lot of folks were washing themselves with chickpea flour, coffee grounds, honey, coconut milk, coconut butter, cucumber, avocado, and other such comestibles as might tantalise the tongue.

Job cover letter 190620

Dear Reader,