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Building a full ecommerce site part 5: testing directing customers to Oscar's thank-you page after payment

This is the story of how I thought I'd spend an hour or so, maybe two, fixing it so that when people press the "Place Order" button on the /preview page, they get sent to the /thank-you page. I started at around 10-11am. I sort of worked it out at around 11.25pm.

Building a full ecommerce site part 4: integrating Paypal checkout express into Django-Oscar

Update 18 Apr 2018: Checkout Express doesn't automatically log customers out after payment. As far as I know, and according to this issue, there is presently no solution. What a nightmare scenario. Take this into consideration if you still want to use it.

Building a full ecommerce site part 3: overriding Oscar checkout views

I thought I'd need to override Oscar's checkout views to integrate Paypal. As it turns out, I don't have to. But, since I've already done it and figured out that it has a particular naughty quirk, I might as well publish this.

Building a full ecommerce site part 2: handling Oscar's static files and templates

I realised today that if Mezzanine and Oscar share the same file names for a lot of templates and static files (in addition to urls, as mentioned in part 1), I should probably separate them more clearly. Especially since static files are collected into the same directory for production with collectstatic.

Building a full ecommerce site part 1: integrating Django-Oscar into Mezzanine

Why this article

Because Stack Overflow is feckin' unfriendly to noobs and I need somewhere to post my code so I can show it to more experienced devs and ask if I'm doing it right or is some other method better practice.