Bank Austria vs. Erste Bank

Bank Austria said they'd give us a good rate as students. They charged us these fees at the end of the 2015:

Card Fee: 4.98
Handling Fee: 17.92
Booking Fee: 11.86
Postal Fee: 0.68
Total: 36.18 Euro

Those at Erste Bank were charged a total of zero Euro. Even though they were above 26.

Austria does not consider people above 26 as students, which means older students (such as those who had to delay their education in order to work because they weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths) don't get privileges younger students get. We think this is a patently stupid policy.

Anyway, if I had to sign up for a bank again, it would be Erste.

I can't do it now because I cancelled my residence permit (the meldezettel) in Krems to move on to Aalborg. You need that to set up a bank account. So, ideally, get it right the first time.

UPDATE: 21 Aug 2016. I forgot to mention that Bank Austria gives you a "maestro" card. You can use this across Europe, I think, but it is bollocks. You can't use it to buy things on the internet, like on Amazon, and the number of times we had to do that turned out to be a lot. We had to piggyback on a friend's credit card. So inconvenient. I don't know why they bothered with this maestro thing. If you can, get a debit or credit card instead.

UPDATE: 5 Sep 2016. A friend opened her Erste account at Westbahnof, Vienna, and the bank has waived her fees for two years. She would have paid 40 Euro otherwise. In addition, they gave her 20 Euro. Another friend confirmed this but said you may have to be under 30 or 31 to qualify. She also mentioned that the best location in Vienna for banks is Maria Hilfer Strasse, because all the main banks have branches there.


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