Body Parts: A Nursery Rhyme

I'm trying to learn Polish. Yeah, I know. Crazy, right? The language, I mean. Not me. I'm not crazy. I'm definitely sane. That's why I'm learning Polish. Badam tss!

Anyway, a good way to grab vocab is to nurse some nursery rhymes. So I youtubed a little and this one came up:


It's called "Body Parts" and you learn about body parts. Head, shoulders, knees, heels, eyes, ears, mouth, nose!

Then my Polish friend showed me the song in the 1946 film this nursery rhyme was adapted from:


The lyrics, translated with Google Translate:

Ax, hoe, January February,
Germany, the Italian lost shoes.
Ax, hoe, rope, wire,
And Mr. painter is kaput.

Ax, hoe, ball, glass,
On the night of the raid, the day round-up.
Ax, hoe, ball, gas,
Let's get out while there is time.

Ax, a hoe, a policeman, stall,
Every where guys can.
Why sit in the citadel
Or in some other cell.

Ax, hoe, football, board,
This street Skaryszewska.
Hoe and ax two boards,
We're already on Skaryszewska.

How to be here and what dream, Animal Control we do not give to live. After all, culture is not prohibited to do such hunting.

Ax hoe, ball, glass.
The night raid in the day round-up.
Ax hoe, ball, nail.
You have a climber and my release.

And as you do not have thousands of dollars
you are going away for work.
Ax hoe, ball, rope,
Here Kurpy there Treblinka.

Already we have no where to hide, Animal Control we do not give to live. After chasing the streets still, they stare someone else take it.

Because culture is not prohibited
Do such hunting
And apparently wrong with them
When for us to take.

Ax, hoe, ball, alasz.
He lost the war stupid painter.
Ax, hoe, knife ball.
He lost the war already, already have.

Ax, hoe, gas and electricity
When will they go from here.
Ax, hoe, electricity and gas,
and that the lightning was shaking.
Suddenly, the song becomes decidedly less innocent.


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