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Tbilisi, Georgia, 2019: the fun stuff

This is just here so I can point people to it.

Tbilisi, Georgia, 2019: the bad stuff

  • Some guy slammed my friend against the wall in a dark and quiet public space and pressed a piece of cloth dipped in chemicals against her mouth. She managed to break free. The police did not treat the matter seriously at all and said things like, oh, you don't know what he wants, maybe it's not that bad. They even tried to leave out the part about the cloth. (A friend says we can report this whole incident including police behaviour to the General Inspection Dept., which controls the police. Leaving this here in case anyone needs it.)

Homo erectus archaeological site in Dmanisi, Georgia, 9 August 2019


  • 5 lari by marshrutka (mini-bus/taxicab) from Samgori, Tbilisi. We got off the Samgori metro stop and asked around and people directed us to the bus station.
  • 2 hours from Tbilisi to Dmanisi.
  • 15-20 lari from Dmanisi to the archaeological site by taxi. It's 25km away.
  • Archaeological site closes at 5.30pm.
  • It might look closed when you arrive but go in anyway and talk to the police officers. They let us roam freely.
  • Last bus from Dmanisi back to Tbilisi is at 5pm. It's usually packed so maybe take the second-last bus just in case.
  • Best to go with a local because goodness knows how I'd have found the place without my local friend.

Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana


I arrived in Zagreb on 31 Dec 2017. Josip had messaged me much earlier on Couchsurfing while I was still in Vienna, but could only show me his place at the end of the week. So I spent the first week house-hunting, some days in the frigid rain, drenched to the bone. Picked his in the end anyway since it was the best for two people. Krzysztof would join me soon.