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Dear Reader,

How’ve you fared? The last few days have been a bust for me. I’m on the edge of launching what I call the first pre-alpha trials for a chat SAAS I built to serve at-risk communities but I haven’t been able to get the websocket connection working through Nginx. Someone mentioned the 301 redirect seems to originate from the Golang back end but I tried dumping requests to the function in question and found that it’s never triggered. So it can’t be the back end. I’m pretty sure I’m using regex wrong in the location stanza but every solution I look up uses formats like mine. Nobody is replying to my question about it on Stack Overflow.

These moments in The Developer’s Progress are our own frustrating sloughs of despond, as you know. I needed a diversion, so I finally tried setting up VS Code to work on my remote Ubuntu server. It was annoying at first because the docs said it allowed only SSH keys but when I’d set them up it asked for a password instead. It turns out their docs neglected to mention a few things. There was barely a trace of a problem at all too. When I tried to SSH into the host from VS Code, a pop-up invited me to click for details. But, when I did, nothing happened. For a while I sat baffled like Vladimir and Estragon at the absurdity of things.

I did get it working in the end, SSH keys and all, and it’s quite nice. Now I can code and debug in a deploy environment. This should help surface problems like the Nginx one much, much faster in future, especially since I have only ports 80 and 443 open for all the apps I deploy on this server. There’s a tiny lag, noticeable but not a problem at all.

Anyway, I must return to my Nginx woes. I’ll get through it, I suppose, step by wee step, as ever have I before. I’ve been through so much worse, haven’t I? Remember when I inadvertently deleted almost everything on my desktop because I forgot I’d made it a volume to a Docker container and ran rm -rf on the volume? I would not describe programming as practice for Stoics, and certainly I hope it is not Sisyphean, but it is a series of deep breaths.

Yours faithfully,



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