Job cover letter 190829


I want to work with senior devs
And learn their wily ways
Best practices and fun times too
A bonus as it pays

I learnt to code all on my own
It's been a lonely time
But now with Python, JS, and Go
I can build and really shine

I don't know much but I do know
How to exit Vim
I'm lucky; we've forever lost
Many a dev who wandered in

When you're tired in the codebase
I'll be there with aid
I'll refactor, debug, and log it all
Until we both lie dead

Fret not, it'll ne'er come to that
You've got good work-life balance
Well, I assume you do, else
It'd be a goddamn challenge

I'm Singaporean, based in Tbilisi
I'd love to hear from you
If you do not write me back
I'd be pining till

Best wishes,



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