Milestone: deployed a site

I deployed this site today. Something of a milestone. I dropped Wagtail and Puput, and went with Mezzanine because, as I've found out, the larger and more stable a community, the more secure and fully featured the package. Security was a big concern for me, and I'm really glad Mezzanine deals with it so decently.

I've learnt a lot deploying this site. It took me approximately two weeks in between life, laundry, and everything to learn how to do it. As usual, the tutorials and documentation lacked crucial information, and getting the right configuration for smooth deployment was in good part a matter of changing a big list of things one at a time to figure out if and how everything works together.

So, anyway, here I am. Every post before this one was imported from my other blogs. They're part of a slightly younger and vastly more inexperienced me.

I'm still unfamiliar with too many things. Onward to all of them.


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