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Vienna FAQ for travellers

I originally wrote this FAQ for my couchsurfers. I think it's useful for people who live in Vienna long term too. Things like the big Turkish market at Yppengasse are super useful for everyone.

Accommodation in Krems, Austria

The MARIHE group was warned about renting from Stefan Kobli. Our group wasn't. Naturally, we had some bad experiences with him. These include:

Shopping Places in Krems, Austria

Other than the Buhl Centre and the Second-Hand Laden d Caritas at Sankt-Paul-Gasse 12, 3500 Krems an der Donau, there is a handy online site you can use to get second-hand stuff in Vienna, Krems and probably also other parts of Austria. It's called Willhaben.

Phone Plan Prices and the Thrift Shop

I got a Drei sim card in Vienna at €9.90. My classmate got his in Mediamart in Buhl Centre, a mall in Krems, for less than €4. Feeling terribly cheated as usual. I thought this sort of thing only happened in Southeast Asia. I guess not.

Weather in Austria, August 2015

When I arrived on 13 Aug 2015 in Vienna, it was hot. I think it was up to 32 degrees Celsius sometimes. The trouble is, Vienna wasn't built for such heat. The structure of the buildings meant that most rooms had no moving air, night or day, and that made it even hotter. Worse, almost nobody had a fan in Vienna.