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Building a full ecommerce site part 6: send customers to Oscar's thank-you page after payment

After yesterday's frustrating process, I took a long hike up Šehitluci to chill out. When I came back down this cool conservationist dude about to cycle across Europe taught me how to identify edible herbs in a garden gone wild and I ate them. Then, I googled "javascript how to click element after event". A few googles later, I'd cobbled together the right code. I am so relieved this turned out easy.

Building a full ecommerce site part 4: integrating Paypal checkout express into Django-Oscar

Update 18 Apr 2018: Checkout Express doesn't automatically log customers out after payment. As far as I know, and according to this issue, there is presently no solution. What a nightmare scenario. Take this into consideration if you still want to use it.