Taxes and Fees Can Kill Research

Alex Berger has a nice post here detailing the absurdity of the Danish postal service where fees and taxes chalked up to 130% the cost of the actual object. And, "Denmark charges taxes on fees and taxes". This is particularly important because, while my experience is limited to Austria and Aalborg at the moment, Europe may not have a good electronics ecosystem.

I wanted to get several items including a camcorder and a pair of earphones. All of these were not available both in physical and online stores based in Europe. Importing would mean too much in shipping and taxes. Furthermore, if you are likely to work with samples, then you will have a lot of fees and taxes to pay in some European countries.

This is definitely something to check out. It can put serious dent in research. I've more or less decided not to build my career in Denmark based on this criteria alone.

NB: This post has been inserted into Checklist for Europe.


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