Vienna FAQ for travellers

I originally wrote this FAQ for my couchsurfers. I think it's useful for people who live in Vienna long term too. Things like the big Turkish market at Yppengasse are super useful for everyone.

This FAQ is correct as of 5 Jan 2018.

- The 2.40 Euro single-trip tickets are for an hour.
- You can use them on all public transport vehicles.
- You need coins if you purchase the tickets on the tram.
- I've no idea how late public transport ends.
- We generally use the app Qando for transport information. The UX is not the most intuitive but you’ll familiarise.
- Everywhere in Vienna is walkable within a max of 1h 10min for me.
- I usually get metro maps for my couchsurfers from hotels or the information counter at Wien Mitte, Landstrasse.

- Most close at 6 or 7pm, a few at 8pm.
- Almost all close on Sundays.
- I'm told only the ones at Westbahnof and Franz Josef bahnof are open on Sundays.
- Cheapest to most ex: Hofer, Penny Market and Lidl, Billa (~30% more expensive than Hofer), Merkur, Spar, Interspar.
- Spar and Interspar have the best discounts.
- Yppengasse has a large Turkish community selling fresh veg, fruit, and meat for cheap (my estimate: 50% of Hofer's overall cost), it has a waaaaay larger variety than even the biggest supermarket, and also has several masculine cafes around.
- Prosi has international/exotic foods, it's brilliant, especially if you live here long term.

Cheap nice things to do?
- Walk along Donaukanal around Schottenring station.
- Schottenring 7-9 used to be Ring Theatre, where history almost lost Freud. It’s a police headquarters now, but check out its history, it’s kind of creepy. Then have a meal at Dee Wan nearby.
- Eat at Dee Wan, best eatery in Wien! (to me).
- Eat at Berliner Doner, second-best eatery in Wien! (to me).
- Try the free public garden at Schonbrunn Palace.
- The free coffee in the bookshop under the Mumok is delicious.
- Take the bus up to Kahlenberg if the day is sunny for a decent view of the city. Some sites talk about this like it’s super amazing but it’s really just ok and pleasant. It’s fun when they have a wine trail though. You get to see drunk people do silly drunk things.

- Hackerspace: Metalab.
- Hackerspace for women and the gender-fluid: Mz* Baltazar’s Lab.
- Makerspace: Happylab.
- Apparently, there're DIY bio folks and bio-artists around but I haven't met them.

- is super useful, esp. for tech.
- Vienna socialites have fun meetups where you get to meet a lot of different people. I especially like that they try to mix people up so you don’t get stuck with one group for too long.
- I believe the Psychedelic Society to be doing very important work and they’re fun too.
- I forget the art websites, sorry, but you can find most of the exhibition openings on Facebook. A lot of them don't publish their admission fees so it comes at a surprise.
- Riat ( has nice events about the blockchain.
- Couchsurfing has some.
- For those into the grittier edges of the left, Critlist Vienna on Riseup has a lot of anarchist and punk stuff, as well as demonstrations.
- There are a few squats, like Pankahyttn and Ekh, but I’ve never been. People tell me they’re more comfy than squats elsewhere.
- has kinky events.

- Cafe Frauen is a classic one, complete with grumpy waiters in formal dress, and for me the coffee was absolutely divine and the cakes excellent.
- Kleines Cafe is sweet and tiny and plays great music.
- Cafe Rudigerhof is a nice Viennese cafe, no WiFi, few young people, and you can smoke inside and play board games.
- Schopenhauer Cafe is also good, has events some evenings, I like their cacao a lot (Vienna generally has terrible cacao), and has WiFi.
- Cafe Frei has the widest array of coffee by a long shot, and their Nicaraguan tobacco coffee is spectacular but it depends on who makes it.
- Phil has supposedly the best cacao around (I detested it because of the rum).
- Alt Wien, where misunderstood artists are said to hang out, but turned out a little too dull for my taste, and no WiFi :/
- Das Einhorn is too smokey for me and I have to wash my clothes to get rid of the pungent smell every time I visit, but even the barkeeps are high off their faces, which is fun.
- SMart cafe has a BDSM chamber, but it's expensive to rent.
- Schikaneder, lively after 11.30pm, I think, and my fave bar so far.
- Maschu Maschu has really good falafel. It’s really, really delish.
- Rupps has lovely atmosphere and the vegan food is amazing.
- Idk, loads of cafes around every corner, man.

- Try this map.
- Spittelau metro seems the most popular.

Cheap Stuff?
- has cheap second-hand stuff.
- The usual others: Humana, Caritas, the giant flea market at Naschmarkt every Saturday…
- Kost Nix Laden too, if it still exists in 2018. I hope they make it. Their stuff is free.


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