Weather in Austria, August 2015

When I arrived on 13 Aug 2015 in Vienna, it was hot. I think it was up to 32 degrees Celsius sometimes. The trouble is, Vienna wasn't built for such heat. The structure of the buildings meant that most rooms had no moving air, night or day, and that made it even hotter. Worse, almost nobody had a fan in Vienna.

My friends told me it was just for that couple of weeks, and then it would get colder, and that was why it wasn't worth buying a fan. Maybe. Over dinner just now, someone told me the hotels in Vienna jacked up their room prices because they were the only ones with air-conditioning. Some locals couldn't stand the heat and went to live in the hotels for a while.

When I arrived in Krems on 15 August, the heat began to die down, though it was quite warm for a couple of days. Now it's freezing by Asian standards. Tonight, it's about 17 degrees Celsius outside, and with the light rain it feels even colder. We're on the way to autumn and winter now.

I didn't know many Austrians at that point in time, so I asked a German friend about European climate patterns. He said that since 2002, the area where he lived had experienced intermittent snow. Some winters there was no snow. It had never been like that before, he said.

The heat wave across this part of Europe is written off as an anomaly. I'm not sure it is. Maybe soon, Europe will need to get fans for longer periods of high heat. I stop short of calling this climate change because I've not really looked into it.


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