Read the headlines if you're rushed for time.

I'm a junior web developer

Who wants to focus on the back end. I have approximately a year's experience. I travel to a new country every couple of months.

My stack is Python and Django

I like Mezzanine as a CMS and Django-Oscar for ecommerce. I adore Postgres for databases. I usually serve sites on Ubuntu with Gunicorn and Nginx.

I follow as many of the best practices in Two Scoops of Django as I can. I can provide minimal security for websites. 100% on ponycheckup and B on Mozilla's Observatory.

I have basic functional grasp of debugging, telnet, and Vim.

I've played with Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, TensorFlow, and other packages with varying degrees of depth. I've made a VR app for Android with Unity and basic C#.

I'm currently familiarising myself with RESTful APIs and Django REST framework. And I'm looking forward to doing the same with asynchronous programming, Ansible, and unit testing.

I've never worked in a dev team

Because job requirements are usually like, you need 50 years full stack experience for this entry level position. But now I feel I'm ready to try again.

It'd be incredibly nice to have senior devs I can leech knowledge from instead of coding alone lost as a lamb in a jungle all the time.

I'm not a front end designer

And prefer to leverage Bootstrap and augment it with some custom CSS.

I'm also not a senior dev

Or a machine learning expert. Or a blockchain developer. So, please, recruiters, please stop.

My ideal job is part-time/freelance and remote

Because I have personal issues that make it difficult for me to stick to the standard 9-to-5 and in an office environment.

This is extremely difficult to talk about because of the stigma, and because the world isn't built for people with issues like mine. So, give me a cookie for the effort.

My code: GitHub

Maybe focus on this Mezzanine and Django-Oscar ecommerce site with modeltranslation for multiple languages. It is my biggest project so far.

You can get a small sense of what I've learnt by skimming my Stack Overflow questions.

Ping me: email

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