Feast your eyes upon my ignoble doings! They look frightfully similar on the front end because my focus is the back end. Check out their code on my GitHub.


This website (2018), [repo]

My first almost fully developed and minimally secure site. Done with Mezzanine and Bootstrap, and deployed on DigitalOcean with Gunicorn and Nginx. It also has SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt, and HSTS.

Nomurica (2018), [repo]

First built with Flask and Beautiful Soup in 2017. I rebuilt it with Mezzanine and Django mainly so I won't have to deal with security all by myself. I learnt to work with API's with this project, and dived deeper into Postgres, Gunicorn, Nginx.

Biodiversity Connections (2018), [repo]

A regular CMS for a Singapore-based nonprofit focused on conservation. I'm not a front end designer but I had to exercise Bootstrap for this one.

Provodnik Tours (2018) [repo]

A travel agency's website combining a CMS with an ecommerce framework, using PayPal as its payment gateway, with multilingual support. Hosted on Russian service VDSina because of the Great Russian Blockade. You can follow some of my adventures working with the Django-Oscar ecommerce framework here.


I write real words now and then.

Python Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet (2018)

Regular Expressions for Data Scientists (2017)

Things That Are Not Art (2017)

Through the Means of Minutiae: Buku Mini (2014)

Current Projects

Chat site/app prototype for mental health (2018)

Not meant for public consumption, but as a prototype so some social workers can use it to pitch for funding to build a more complete app than I can provide right now. Coding this with Channels 2.

Job portal for job-seekers with mental health issues (2018-2019)

May not turn out to be a job portal at all. Currently chatting with employers and employees to find out how they manage mental health in the workplace. I won't write a single line of code for this project until Dec 2018/Jan 2019. My primary research question: how do we maintain wages at market rates while allowing employees with mental health issues extended delivery periods for the goods and services they provide? Ping me if you'd like to chat about your experience as either employer or employee. :)